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Attacking Strategies for Club Players - Michael Prusikin (K-6058)

Attacking Strategies for Club Players - Michael Prusikin (K-6058)
Attacking Strategies for Club Players - Michael Prusikin (K-6058) Attacking Strategies for Club Players - Michael Prusikin (K-6058) Attacking Strategies for Club Players - Michael Prusikin (K-6058)
Kod produktu: K-6058
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Wydawnictwo: New in Chess, 2021
Autor: Michael Prusikin 
ilość stron: 192
oprawa: miękka
język: angielski
ISBN: 9789056919740

How to Create a Deadly Attack on the Enemy King
Attacking your opponent’s king is not just a shortcut to victory, it’s also one of the most enjoyable and gratifying experiences in chess. If you want to win more games you should become a better attacker. Studying typical attacking motifs and ideas easily brings dividends while you are having a good time.

Michael Prusikin presents the prerequisites and the rules for a King attack in a lucid and attractive manner. In 15 thematic chapters he teaches you how to assess the nature of the position, identify the appropriate offensive patterns, find the preliminary moves and conduct your attack in a clear and effective way.

Battering rams, obstructive sacrifices, pawn storms, striking at the castled position, sacrificing a knight on f5, Prusikin demonstrates the most important patterns of attack with lots of clear and well chosen examples.

Next, Prusikin tests your newly acquired insights and your attacking intuition with exercises covering all the themes and motifs. You will find that studying Attacking Strategies for Club Players is both entertaining and rewarding.

Michael Prusikin is an International Grandmaster and a FIDE Senior Trainer from Germany. In 2009 he was the co-winner of the German Championship. Several times he has been voted German Chess Trainer of the Year. He writes the tactics column in the German magazine SCHACH.

“The vast majority of attacking patterns are presented with strikingly clear logic. Any reader who studies this book, almost irrespective of their playing strength, will come away with new ideas for conducting an attack on the king in particular and about chess understanding in general."

Alexander Khalifman, former FIDE World Champion


006 Explanation of symbols

007 Foreword by Alexander Khalifman

011 Introduction

013 Chapter 1) Prerequisites and rules for attacking the king

015 Chapter 2) King in the centre

030 Chapter 3) Obstructive sacrifices

038 Chapter 4) Attacking the king without the queen

048 Chapter 5) Pawn storm with opposite-side castling

060 Chapter 6) Pawn storm with same-side castling

070 Chapter 7) The Steinitz ‘battering ram’ – using the h-pawn against a fianchetto

083 Chapter 8) The Alekhine ‘battering ram’ – using the g-pawn to destroy your opponent’s king protection

090 Chapter 9) The nail in the coffin

096 Chapter 10) Doubled g-pawns

103 Chapter 11) Using pieces to attack the castled position

113 Chapter 12) The Grand Prix Attack

126 Chapter 13) The Chigorin ‘outrider’: the knight on f5

134 Chapter 14) Long bishop on b2

143 Chapter 15) Interference

147 Chapter 16) Breakthrough on the strong point

153 Chapter 17) Test your attacking skills

163 Chapter 18) Solutions

185 Index of names

189 Bibliography

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